Read through our rules so you know how to help
keep our community fun, laid-back, and non-toxic!

Chat Rules

A. Keep Chat Respectful

    A1. No toxicity or harassment towards other players. 
    A2. No homophobia, bigotry, racism, transphobia, or any discrimination of any persons.
    A3. No use of racial slurs or slurs relating to a person’s identity. 
    A4. Repeated & Extensive Explicit (sexual, etc.) messages aren’t allowed in Public Chat. Opt to use a private chat. (TC, DMs)

B. Keep Chat Organized & Clean

     B1. Try to limit any spamming of words, characters or other mediums as excessive spam will end in punishment.
     B2. No advertising of other servers or services.
     B3. Try to limit chatting in other languages that aren’t English in general chat. Opt to use a private chat. (TC, DMs)
    B4. Doxing, Doxing threats and D-Dos threats are forbidden.

C. Controversial Topics

     C1. Controversial topics should be avoided. (Nazism, etc.)
     C2. While the talk of politics is ok, please keep it moderated and civil.

Game Rules

D. Combat 

     D1. Combat logging/tp-ing is not allowed to escape or re-enter a battle. (/dback, /t spawn, etc.)
     D2. Repetitive offensive kills (3/hr/person) are not allowed.
     D3. No spawn killing or town spawn killing.
     D4. Camping outside/inside a town with the sole purpose of killing someone is not allowed.
     D5. Use of exclusive permissions/perks during PvP is not permitted. (TPA, TFly, etc.)
     D6. No TP Trapping, Claim Hopping during PvP or PvP Trapping.

Note: Combat rules (D2 – D4) are exempt during Mutual PVP or War.

E. Client-Side 

    E1. Client-side modifications are not allowed. (ex. XRAY, “hacks”, fly, relog scripts, macros, autoclickers)
             – Badlion/Optifine/Lunar are exempt from this rule. If you’re unsure if something’s allowed, open a ticket in discord.
 – A client-side modification is defined as anything that affects Minecraft on the user’s side which is not default to Minecraft.

     E2. Exploits/glitches (duping, etc.) are to be brought to the staff’s attention. If you fail to do so knowingly, you will be punished.
     E3. Assisting others in breaking rules will lead to punishment.
     E4. Going against and making systems to AFK is not allowed. AFKing with intent to solely AFK without playing on the server is not allowed.
          (ex. to keep a chunk loaded, farms, etc.)
     E5. Use of alternate accounts is not permitted, especially to avoid punishment or abuse features (voting, town claims).
     E6. Use of common sense is required. If it doesn’t seem ok to do, ask before you do it. Staff have the discretion to punish if they feel
          something is wrong and malicious, even if not currently listed in the rules. 

F. Town & Nation
     F1. Nations & towns may not have controversial names. (ex. Nazi Germany)
     F2. You may not intentionally claim block without permission to prevent a town’s expansion. Cases of “claim blocking” are up to
           interpretation by staff.
     F3. You may not set homes inside a base, claim, nation zone or 50 blocks near those areas without explicit permission.
     F4. You may not push someone out of claims or manipulate them out of claims (ex. driving a car into them) to kill them or cause any
           condition that they otherwise wouldn’t have in claims. 
      F5. You may not make Hollow Claims (peacock claims, circle claims, snake claims) Staff have full right to break/ unclaim territory to break the hollow claim (without Refund of chunk cost)
     F6. While in a siege/ war new towns may not join your nation until the siege/ war is concluded

Note: F1. is suggested to follow in order to keep a healthy map.

G. Builds

     G1. You may not build lag machines, or highly “laggy” systems. Unintentional lag machines will be removed.
     G2. You may not construct buildings that resemble places, fictional or non-fictional, that are deemed highly controversial
           (gas chambers, etc.).

     G3. You may not build fully-automatic farms. This is to combat inflation in the economy as well as reduce server lag. (A fully automated farm is a farm that requires little-to-no effort from you in order to function). 

    G4.  The use of raid farms are prohibited, this includes but is not limited to: the methodical killing of vindicators, killing of evokers and collection of their loot/xp via said farm/s.

H. Griefing & Scamming

      H1. You may not scam people. Situations of “scamming” are up to interpretation by staff.
      H2. Joining a town/nation solely for the reason of depriving it of its resources/stealing is forbidden.
      H3. During all situations, including war, you may not grief/destroy a town. Ransacking and looting of towns are allowed, as well as the
            killing of livestock.
      H4. You may not grief the wilderness/environment on a mass/large scale. (mass is up to interpretation by staff)
     H5. You may NOT spawn withers in the overworld (opt for resource world, etc.) as it falls under mass griefing/environmental destruction,
             and could potentially harm towns near you.
      H6. You may NOT grief/destroy the infrastructure (like roads, etc.) that isn’t claimed unless in a war or active conflict with the “owner” or “builder” of the infrastructure.


All rules apply to Atlas’ Minecraft Server, as well as anything Atlas-related,
such as the Discord, etc. This includes other chats related to Atlas but not in a
directly affilated server.


If you feel you did NOT break any of these rules and received an “unfair” punishment, please contact us and open a ticket on our discord.